Sunday Funday

Bikini season is right around the corner and I am down 13lbs. YAY! But its saying stagnant errr. I’d love to be down 20lbs by Memorial Day but thats a week away. I’ll just have to step my game up for this next week – Pools open this coming Saturday.  Than I will start swimming laps and hopefully have a great bikini body soon. Plus having a great tan makes you look thinner :)

Tonight at 7, I have a date! Thank you We’re going to get dinner. He’s my age, working on his MBA, works for Dept of Defense (DOD – gov’t job), went to UMCP undergrad (where I went), live close enough (he’s probably about 20 miles away), is cute and YEEES he’s Asian. I’m 99% sure he’s Chinese. So I’m not excepting anything but a great evening. Hopefully we’ll see each other again (if I like him – hehehe)

I  heard from PetConnect (the place I’m going to foster a dog with) and they found me a chihuahua mix who is under 10lbs. I got all her info and said I would definitely take her. It sounds like she is coming this Sat unless she fails the vet check.

Alright, I planned on writing more but my Charlotte, NC girl called & and now its time to get ready for the date! 

Check back for juicy date details :)

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