To date or not to date

So after a few years of being single, well technically not having a boyfriend, I think its time to start dating for real, for real. Too much energy has been wasted on guys that aren’t right. So where do you meet a great guy when you are stuck in bed with chronic pain? Oh the INTERNET! So I set up a profile and I got a wink! A white guy who is a “true Christian” and has 3 kids who live away from home, although he is single not divorced (true Christan, eh? Let us not judge others.) There is lots wrong with that wink. Nothing on my profile would make you think I’m religious. Its also set to “no kids” is a must and it says I like Asian men… although I will be broadening that if I run out of Asians. 

I’m worried that I don’t have the energy to get all dressed up and than do the whole 1st date thing but you never know until you try. I also feel like has a lot of married or other deceptive people who aren’t really serious about a long term relationship but I guess that comes with any internet dating site. 

 What am I looking for? Really someone chill – a guy who will chill out with me, to go out to restaurants and the movies, run errands, be gym partners. Like a best friend who’s good in bed :) I’m ready to be a girlfriend and doing sweet things. I’m ready to be in love. I really think that your partner should be the one person who has your back no matter what happens. The person you talk to when you need to blow off steam and the person who’s advice seems to make sense of everything. Someone I can do crossword puzzles with, discuss the news, laugh about inside jokes, and all that great stuff. Know anyone for me?

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