We moved again!

This is my 3rd move since our launch in April 2009!  All posts before this one we’re originally post between April 17 – May 17.  I just can’t  figure how to post date on here!

Why all the moves?
Our first site (which I build from scratch over weeks) was a complicated nightmare! I couldn’t get the coding right for tags, and comments, and subscriptions – Oh my! For our second site we came to wordpress for sanity buuuuut our  URL was getting blocked by companies’ filters and our time theft reader who read blogs at work 🙂 

So here we are – 5 blogs combined into one easy to access and fun to read site!

1. Fibro Fogging = Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain/illnesses 
2. Get Rich Slow?=  Brainstorms on ways to make extra money  
3. Babblings of a Sane Lunatic = My personal life – the good and the bad
4. Leftovers = random topics that don’t fit the above – feel free to suggest topics! 
5. Beans Kitty – Cat Blogger = Links to interesting posts on Beans’s Blog 

For more info about me, click on Blog♡graphy


PS – I am always asked “Do you live in Hawaii?” or “Have you been to Hawaii?” I love to say yes to both but I haven’t made it out there yet. It’s all in spelling, my name has 2 i’s like Hawaii

One response to “We moved again!

  1. What great sites!

    We need more Beans updates!

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