Slowly Digging out of This Grave

So today I’m down 15.8lbs!!! YAY! Pools open Saturday – I’m “good enough” for a bikini. It will be very nice to just walk down the street, walk in the lap lane (maybe get in a few slow strokes), and of course get my tan on. I’ve got my 1st pool book already to go: Dead Until Dark. Charlotte Harris’s first book in the HBO True Blood series.  I’m not normally a science fiction reader but with Twilight and True Blood I reconsidered.

So I’ve been a busy bee straighten out my blogs. I’ve never blogged before March 09 and now I have 3, which I hope to earn a little income from with practice! 

My goal is to post to all 3 at least once a day… but bare with me.

My fibromyalgia has been bad the last few days but a little better today and hopefully a lot better tomorrow.

I have a 2nd date with the guy from that I went out to dinner with on Sunday night. We had a very nice time – a kiss at the end 🙂 So we’ll see how tomorrow goes!

I just emailed PetConnect, the pet rescue I am getting a dog to foster from. It turned out she needed to be neutered but as long as it went well, she will be here Sat!! As soon as I hear back with a confirmation I’ll post a pic! I’ve never had a dog but think that she will be great therapy. I have to walk her 3x a day and her routine will be more complex than Beans the Cat. I think Beans will freak out the first day or 2 but he enjoyed playing with my ex’s full grown labs so hopefully a small dog about his side will be okay.  I think they’ll become great friends – Beans already loves to play fetch!

Have a great day… I’m off to my weekly doctors appointment.

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