Dog Allergy

Well I got the cutest little chihuahua/min pincher mix to foster but it turns out I am allergic to dogs. My sinuses are filled with mucus and blood. Yuck. They dog just left this morning and I sterilized the floors and streamed the carpet. I wish I could have fostered her longer. She also was very much a lap dog and it could cause me to become hypersensitive and in pain. Beans Cat will just have to continue being the perfect partner in crime.

I’m going to the beach with the family this Saturday for a week. 8 hours away in Emerald Isle, NC. 8 hours in the car with my mother and step dad – hopefully the time will pass quickly. I’m thinking of downloading an audiobook but we’ll see. I will have lots of books and my ipod. Plus I’ll sleep. I just hope there is great weather and I can get a good tan. 

I switched some of my meds around again so I am hoping I will be feeling good on the trip. Now I’m going to go try on clothing because I’ve lost almost 20 lbs. WAHOO!

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