Treats for Troy

So on July 26th Troy (aka Kitty) had an aneurysm and I was thankfully there to get his ass to the hospital and save his life. Goooo Cyndii! Course the aneurysm was the easy part –  now trying to get him to eat healthy and be healthier is impossible! Here are some small changes we’ve started with!


You can make small changes that will help you on your journey to healthier living!



Oh how I love a greasy hamburger, hamburger helper, and pasta with meat sauce but to make it healthier use ground turkey and add worcester sauce and hamburger seasoning like Webbers or McCormick’s (try buying one that doesn’t use salt or salt isn’t listed as one of the first 3 ingredients.) If you need beef get 93% lean ground chuck – it’s a little more experience so buy in bulk to save and split into 1lb freezer bags.



Now who really knows if eggs are “bad” or only yolks are “bad” or what these days. I like to buy the omega 3 eggs because I don’t fish but rarely. If you eat a lot of eggs as Troy does these can get expensive. So I just use every other yolk in his scrambled eggs (sometimes even just 1 yolk in 4 eggs.) Lowers the cholesterol he’s eating but still makes them yellow so he thinks they’re normal. Make sure you add your frozen onions and peppers (or spinage, broccoli, tomatoes and so on) to increase the fiber intake! 




I love love love Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta!!!! I hate whole wheat but this is white pasta with extra fiber and calcium!!! Needs to be cook a little longer but tastes the same. I normally stock up when they go on sale! 




Soda and Gatorade are about one of the worst things to drink when high blood pressure is a problem because they are filled with salt (sodium.) Troy didn’t know this about Gatorade but the electrolytes they claim you need during your workout is just salt. Gatorade is flavored salt water and unless you are really training hard like at professional athletes level or out sweating all day in extreme heat, you don’t need to drink it either. Now I LOVE soda. It just feels soooo good when you swallow it and tastes delicious. I am a diet soda drinker so instead of dying from morbid obesity I will be dying from cancer. Soda makes you bloated from the sodium. Regular soda is full or empty calories just like alcohol – so maybe you have a Soda Belly instead of a Beer Belly! And the diet versions are up for debate about the dangers of zero calorie sweeteners (aspartame.)  

So what should we be drinking? WATER – booooring. Those crystal lite things may taste great to some of you, but they are still full of aspartame – and seriously, some of them taste awful. So we can slice up some fruit and let it soak in our brita/pur pitchers (best option) or if you still hate water you need to start drinking tea. White tea is the least pungent, than green, than black. They are all full of antioxidants (cancer fighters) and other magical little things to help up keep healthy. Now I know you’re thinking “I LOVE SNAPPLE!” Yikes, sugar and preservatives… just make your own. Boil and pot of water, throw in 5-10 bags, turn off stove, let cool, put into pitcher in fridge, drink… add fruit if you want. You can add honey to sweeten. Sometimes I use splenda (which I’m not going to lie – I have no idea if it is any better for you than sweet n low or whatever.)

Coffee is good (black is the best for you – too gross from me)  just not the frap-o-crap-o’s that have close to 1000 calories in them. Oh Cyndii knows they are HEAVENLY. I try to motify my venti white mocha with whip- YUM to a tall skim white mocha little whip and its still as many calories as a meal. The economy sucks anyway! Your latte money from ONE WEEK can buy you a coffee machine. Get yourself some coffee grounds (I prefer to mix the grocery store beans that smell good into my bag to take home – cheaper and always exciting) and some of those yummy creamers (low fat is the best choice but even the regular ones are better for you than Starbucks.) You can buy throw away cups like they have at Starbucks at target. Become your own barista!  

(If you can’t even function enough to make coffee before having coffee, try dunkin donuts and get the black coffee with flavor shots and low fat creamer.)

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