Dr Hawaii PhD

I’m just posting this for myself so I can come back and look over the classes. This is the program I’m applying to for fall 2010. It will take the place of the PharmD I was going to get but than decided, with my rheumatologist, that it would not be the best decision for my health because the degree requires 80+ hours a week for 5 years with clinicals and lots of lab work (physically exhausting.)

This would be stressful but there is a part-time option, which I would only drop down to if my health forced me to, and honestly, I’m a dork so it will be easy. I got my undergraduate degree in 3 years, graduating at 20 years old and my masters of public health in 1.5 years and have been out of school since 22… Both from a top ranking school and both while working full time jobs within the health field.

I’m so freaking bored doing nothing!! It’s been a year!! AHHHHHH. I want to get this degree in 3 years. I want to have my PhD by 30. I should have just stayed in school and finished it by 25 but I wouldn’t trade my experiences and the certifications I’ve picked up while teaching middle school health….

Doctor of Education in Human Sexuality

Foundations (6 semester hours):

Politics of Education
Alternative Education Models
Curriculum Theory
Sexuality & Society in a Cross-Cultural Perspective
History & Ethics in Human Sexuality
Human Behavior & the Social Environment I
Sociocultural Dimensions of Social Work Practice

Research (12 semester hours)

Applications of Educational Research
Educational Statistics
Advanced Research Methods
Qualitative Research Methods in Education

Professional Core (30 semester hours)

Special Topics in Human Sexuality
Concepts in Human Sexuality
Behavioral Foundations in Human Sexuality
Human Sexuality for the Education & Counseling Professional I
Human Sexuality for the Education & Counseling Professional II
Foundations of Clinical Sexology
Sexual Dysfunctions & Their Treatment
Theories of Development & Education in Human Sexuality
Biological Foundations in Human Sexuality
Sexual Minorities
Teaching Sensitive Issues in Human Sexuality
Sensitive Issues in Clinical Sexology
Marital & Relationship Therapy
History & Policy of Religious Belief Systems
Sexuality & Chronic Illness/Disabilities
Special Topics in Human Sexuality
Literature in Human Sexuality
Theoretical Underpinnings of Human Sexuality
Group Process & Dynamics

Electives** (9 semester hours)

Practicum++ (3/6 semester hours)

Field Instruction in Sexuality Education
Field Instruction in Clinical Sexuality
Field Instruction in Clinical Sexology for dual degree MSW/PsyD students

Dissertation (18 semester hours)

Dissertation Seminar I
Dissertation Seminar II
Dissertation Research (12 semester hours)

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