Freaking White Guys ;)

Seriously. this is why i don’t date white guys. something is wrong with them. I actually clicked with this white guy i met at happy hour and I gave him a chance. and than he just blew me off after like 5 awesome dates – this was a month ago. I don’t really give 2 shits about him – its totally his loss but I am noticing that I don’t trust people’s word anymore – even some friends. I have become distrustful and suspicious of stupid things I shouldn’t be. I’m afraid that I’m going to continue to not believe what people say and end up writing off someone I truly do have a connection with.

This experience has just made me bitter. I am friends with all my ex’s. I’m the most disgustingly honest person ever. I love to know what I did wrong so I can grow from it and not make the same mistake again with someone else.

Being just up and dogged – never hearing from a guy again has to be the worst, most cowardly, disrespectful thing a guy can do. Seriously, I am left thinking I did something awful or something about me is terrible. My brain knows I’m awesome and this guy is just not ready for someone as great as me. But my girlie-heart wants to tell me stupid things because thats what us women do. UG.

Anyway. My point is – MEN, Just say “I don’t want this to work because _____________” I’m a big girl, I can handle the truth and appreciate it.

One response to “Freaking White Guys ;)

  1. The Incognito Cow

    I think you’re amazing, and I know how you feel. Don’t worry, 2010 should bring one good love for both of us!! I still love you!!

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