My Galbi Recipe

My memory sucks for exactly who said they wanted to inspect my recipe…

I don’t have an actual written recipe I follow because its more of a ratio way that I cook. So this is what I would tell someone else to make my galbi:

Get 3-5lbs short ribs – thick cut. Massage meat in cold water to tenderize. Stab with fork for marinating. Douce a little rice wine on it while it soak in cold water for a bit (30 mins? an hour?)

Into a large bowl: Add in a mix of 1 large white onion minced, 1 large garlic bulb minced or crushed, 1/2 cup of soy sauce (no low sodium!! yuck), 1/3 cup of white sugar, 1/2 cup sesame oil and barley oil mix probably more barley oil, fresh cracked black pepper to taste, and 2 ground up tablespoons of sesame seeds. I don’t like the whole toasted seed just chillin on the top of the meat as a garish – they get stuck in my chompers 

Inside a paper towel I place a few sugar crystalize ginger slices, handful of torn up green onions and a skinned and sliced asian pear stabbed with a fork. Its in a paper towel so that only their flavors marinate in.

Place paper towel mix at bottom of gallon freezer bags add meat and marinade. Let sit at least overnight in the fridge. Massage and move juices a couple of times. I loooove when it can sit 2 days.

Take out meat, grill with the garlic and white onions – I’ve sometimes added mushrooms but not all the time. I prefer my tiny gas metal grill over wood chips but that because I don’t enjoy the smokey taste. The stuff in the paper towel (or cheese cloth) just stays in the bag.

Sometime I’ll pour in cola instead of the rice wine in the beginning and I’ve been know to add honey – but that only when I’m being lazy. Its because I don’t really break out the measuring cups  If I can’t find good muul yut I won’t use it and will just rock the sesame oil. I’ve tried kiwi instead of asian pears and did not like that.

My non-Korean friends love when I also use the marinade to do veggies to grill like colored peppers, carrots, red onions, non-asian mushrooms, squash and over things you can put on a kabob. They love to grill that asian pears too Hahaha

I enjoy my galbi with a sweet savory taste and very very tender.

Did I pass???? Can I cook for you all now? When I make this I typically also make Namool: sesame oil sauteed spinach and zucchini, Pa Jun, some kimchi jigae, real white rice and jap chae. And than just store buy the kimchi (make and fermenting kimchi was one of the worse experiences of my life – I am still terrified anything resembling “the kimchi fridge”); pickled diakon, mung beans, and other banchans that I can’t even begin to figured out the recipe for – this cream based salad with potatoes, carrots, zucchinis, raisins, and other veggie’s I can’t even identity??!! Anyone know????

I also can pretty successfully make pibim pap, dawji galbi, bulgogi, and the korean version of general tso chicken that I can’t remember the name of – nam nam dak??? something IDK.

Unsuccessful ventures – jang julim, and suun dae. I mean they were edible but just easier to buy from carry out. Hahaha.

Now you all are sitting there thinking I’m crazy but I have an amazing palate and can mimic almost anything I eat. I can make a filet mignon that is as close to Ruth’s Chris as you can get at home. Lasagna that friends eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I make it. Award winning MD crab soup (that the tomato based one.) and on and on. My grandmother is from the South so I can fry your socks and you’d eat them.

Alright all this food talk has made me hungry!!! Good thing tomorrow is Christmas. I’ve already got the turkey rubbed down with spices and stuffed with citrus fruits! All the traditional foods will be make from scratch accept for Stoffer’s stuffing (duh!! yummy) and I got a 10lb ham as a gift??? from the Honey Baked Ham Store (double yum.)

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