So when you get sick and doctors can’t give your a 100% confirmed diagnosis people try to help you out by forwarding you articles about people who have been diagnosed with a rare disease that you could have. It’s a very nice thought on their part because they are trying to be helpful and want nothing more to see you happy and healthy again. But I’ve been struggling since Thanksgiving with what to do with medications and honestly have stopped taking everything. Taking pills everyday and not being better gets old.

So today’s mystery disease was Addison’s disease, which is an adrenal insufficiency of the hormone cortisol and often the hormone aldosterone. Fun times. The symptoms are similar – extreme fatigue, excessive phlegm, nagging cough… blah blah blah BUT there is one interesting symptom – your skin darkens as if you have a nice sun tan… I don’t have that (I don’t think.) I can’t tell. I did notice the other day that I still had the tan lines on my butt, which is weird cause I’m not sure they were there a few months ago and I have not had a bathing suit on since Aug! I doubt it though. (Fun Fact – JFK and Eunice Kennedy Shriver had Addison’s)

Anyway, I’m not ready to go back on the doctor tour of testing. It’s pretty much equivalent to diving head first into the pavement.

So right now without meds I’m doing alright. I still take my trazadone at night to sleep because if I don’t sleep well my body cramps up and I have a bad pain day. I’ve stopped the medications that work by keeping increase amounts of serotonin and norepinephrine to calm the over active nerves signals that I have… but it isn’t a cure. It just dulls the pain and to be honest now that I haven’t been taking it, I really think that me learning my own boundaries and resting and not having to work and cook and clean and well basically not living a normal life.

Blah blah blah. I hate talking about this crap but if I don’t release I’ll ball it all up and stress out.

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