Important Announcement

Well its isn’t an important announcement to the majority of you but it is to me!


I already have my bag packed to get out of the house and go to The Starbucks to work on my resume and look for public health jobs. I know that the likelihood of being hired anytime right away are pretty slim but still!! I can get my life back together after being on bed rest and low energy activities for a YEAR.

So I have NO IDEA what I want to do. It will have to be a desk job – which I haven’t had since college (2002.) I really hate research but that could of been because I did drug addiction interventions… boring. My specialty is sexual health.

Now I have to look for jobs that I can actually commute to when needed… which pretty much rules out NIH and DC agencies/non-profits. Damn you 495!!!! I know that driving for an hour or more exhausts me – and I hate traffic for a freaking bend in the highway.

I guess I will check out Laurel Hospital and Howard General., there are some biogenetic firms nearby, and Johns Hopkins bioterrorism campus is right up the street.

I know I need to take it really slow and take an entry level job… I don’t do subordinate very well – but smile and nod… Its going to feel so weird to not be up and running around like the awesome educator I was.

So what are the 2010 buzz words I need to add to my resume???

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