Fabulous. Hilarious. Bored. Sassy. Talented. Silly. Educator. Kind. Intelligent. Bold. Sexy. Complicated. Logical. Curvy. Simple. Loving. Honest. Sarcastic. Driven. Out Going. Chronic Pain. Loves to Cook. Energetic. Charming. Enjoys Wine. Sports Fan. Blackberry Addict. MamaCat. Fibromyalgia. Couch Potato. Leaves dishes in the sink. MPH. Terp Alum. Sips tea to relax.



At the University of Maryland, I earned my Master’s of Public Health (MPH) and a Bachelor’s of Community Health. My areas of concentration include sexual education, drug prevention, and disease prevention and treatment.

I also hold K-12 teaching certificates in both Health Education and Special Education. During my 5th year as a middle school health teacher, I because very ill and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Because of the chronic pain, I have left classroom education and ventured into consulting and web-based “edutainment,” the art of combining eduction and entertainment. I also work hard to advocate for, support, and educate people living with chronic pain.

My lovely cat BEANS!











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